About Me

Welcome to my awesome page.. where I’m currently preparing for greatness..

But first, here’s a little background from yours truly:

I’m Aja Witt (pronounced like the continent), a fourth-year Journalism and African American studies major at the University of Iowa. I am a Gender, Women, and Sexuality studies minor, a current human rights activist, and future journalist/producer/director.

I was born in Waterloo, Iowa to Darlene and Robert Witt on the 25th day of the 7th month in the year 1995. I was a whiney baby, a talkative kid, and a shy, super nerdy teenager.

I love writing.. like really I do. It’s cathartic for me to be able to let my mind flow freely and creatively. I’ve written tons of short stories.. read them at your leisure on my JournalistAja wordpress site.

Simply put, I’m a fun-loving, inclusive, intersectional womanist.

Enjoy my site..