Sanders in IC

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We are less than a week away from the conclusion to the 2016 presidential election between Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump and Governor Mike Pence recently visited Cedar Rapids, and now, it’s time for the Democrats. Daily Iowan TV reporter, Ay-zhuh Wit was in Iowa City covering a Clinton, Kaine rally that featured Senator Bernie Sanders.


Hundreds of Iowa City residents turned out Friday afternoon to hear Democratic Senator, Bernie Sanders speak at College Green park. Sanders returned to Iowa earlier this week and is advocating on behalf of 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. In Iowa City, known for being a college town, Sanders urged residents, young and old, to get out and vote.

Sot: Bernie Sanders, Democratic Senator

Too many people in Iowa, and Vermont, and throughout this country, people like Tom Harkin, have put their lives on the line to defend American democracy. And we will not allow the cult brothers and a handful of other billionaires to convert this country into an oligarchy. Ain’t gonna happen.


This ‘Get-out-the-vote’ rally played host to a variety of supporters and protesters. Those against the North Dakota pipeline, citizens for Donald Trump and Green Party presidential nominee Dr. Jill Stine, and one known Iowa city resident; an avid supporter of both Sanders and Clinton.

Reporter on cam: Aja Witt, @ajarenata_witt

Following today’s rally in Iowa City, Senator Sanders will be headed to the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar falls, and Iowa State in Ames. The push to attract young voters is in full swing as this year’s election winds to a close. This is Aja Witt, Daily Iowan TV.





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